About Sustainable, Wine Tourism Heritage and Culture

In Valparaiso Casablanca Valley is fundamental the relationship between sustainability and wine tourism, as well as involving the culture and heritage of our cities.

Sustainability is expressed both in the environmentally friendly treatment, as well as responsible production that cares for the land and a fair treatment with the workers that starts from initiatives as a country to Make Chile a Sustainable Country.

The initiatives taken together in this wine region translate into an excellent experience integrating the heritage and cultural wine tourism that offers a UNESCO World Heritage and the most important wine valley of Chile. In this event you can learn about the initiatives being taken as a country and the world wine capitals, together with the experiences and the main participants of the sector.

6 November 2017 · 09:00 to 12:30 hrs.
DUOC, Valparaíso.


Theme 1

Session: Advances in wine tourism in Chile and Valparaíso Casablanca Valley towards a sustainable business.

Chile as a sustainable tourism destination where enotourism and biodiversity are united as a single ecosystem.

Theme 2

Panel discussion: Examples of Sustainable wine tourism in Valparaíso Casablanca Valley.

The most interesting cases of sustainable wine tourism and heritage of the wine region.


Theme 1

Session: Advances in wine tourism in Chile and Valparaíso Casablanca Valley towards a sustainable business.

Moderator: Sergio Correa – Winemaker

Agronomist Engineer, winemaker, "Founder and member of the Brotherhood to Wine-Chile Merit". "Commissioner and overseer of the O.I.V. In different international wine competitions ". Chevalier de l'Ordre du Mérite Agricole (République Française), member of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin de Bourgogne and member of the Juré of Saint-Emilion. President of the Jury Catad'Or Wine Awards, with more than 30 years of experience as an international jury in numerous wine competitions in the world, has delivered a lot for the wine culture in Chile.

Andrea Wolleter

Andrea has more than 15 years of professional experience in the commercial and marketing area, with emphasis on design and implementation of strategies for growth and positioning of the Tourism Segment, and is the Executive Vice Presidency of FEDETUR. She will tell us about the implications of a Sustainable Wine Tourism in Chile in recent years as a focus of national wine tourism.

Agustín Hunneus

Agustin Huneeus began his career there and is one of the few vintners who has dedicated his entire professional life to the wine industry. He entered the wine business in 1960 as chief executive officer of Concha y Toro. Then a small winery, Concha y Toro grew to become Chile's largest winery under Mr. Huneeus' leadership. He subsequently headed Seagram's worldwide operations, responsible for wineries in nine countries, including Paul Masson in the United States. Upon leaving Seagram, he founded Noble Vineyard in 1977, which later acquired Concannon Vineyard, a premium winery in the Livermore Valley. Mr. Hunneuus founded the Veramonte vineyard in 1990, pioneered the development of the Casablanca Valley vineyard and the introduction of wine from the coastal areas of Chile. It currently has 420 hectares planted in Casablanca. Its headquarters and manufacturing winery is located in the valley of Casablanca.

Olga Barbosa

She is interested in the relationship between humans and the environment from an ecological perspective. Her research has been continuously centered in the effects of habitat fragmentation on both species (beetles and birds) and ecosystem functions (water and nitrogen cycling). I have enjoyed working for more than 10 years on Fray Jorge National Park, a fragmented cloud forest immersed in a semi desert area, and other incredible places of the center-north of Chile. Recently, I have shifted from working on these semi pristine areas into highly dynamic and human dominated ecosystems such as cities and agro ecosystems.

Theme 2

Panel discussion: Examples of Sustainable wine tourism in Valparaíso Casablanca Valley.

Moderator: Cote Evans

Lawyer and radio broadcaster, with extensive television career, director of the magazine Travel Time - through which he has known different areas and countries of the world - and his advice in the Association of Travel Agents.

Rafael Guilisasti

"Rafael Guilisasti has extensive experience in the Chilean wine industry, joined Viña Concha y Toro in 1978 and served as Director of Exports from 1985 to 1998, during which time the company exhibited a major expansion into international markets. He was President of Wines of Chile, between the years 1986 and 2003. At the moment he is President of the directory of Vineyards Emiliana S.A., company dedicated to the production of organic wines; Director of Viña Almaviva (50/50 joint venture of Viña Concha y Toro and Baron Philippe de Rothschild). He is also a member of the Duoc Council. He will tell us about the existence of Viña Emiliana as one of the pioneer vineyards and leaders in sustainability in the Casablanca valley. "

Gonzalo Ilabaca

"He is a self-taught artist, and in 1982 he left his medical career at the Catholic University of Chile in the fourth year to dedicate himself completely to the painting he recognized as his real vocation. His personality has led him to be a nomadic artist, who has managed to unite art to his life by means of travel. His stay in Europe during the 1980s allowed him to see closely the work of great authors whom he admired, such as Van Gogh, Norwegian and Expressionist Munch, Lithuanian Soutine and Kokoshka. In Chile his work has been recognized under various artistic names, such as Yuri UK, Yuri Uka or Yuri U. Karoba, in paintings and as Konstan Berliovz in watercolors. Gonzalo will talk about the heritage history of Valparaiso and how it is linked to sustainable wine tourism."

Languages: Spanish and English, simultaneous translation

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